Residence Life Programs

Residence Life hosts many annual programs to educate the campus community on diversity and social justice issues. Read below for more information!

Diva La Paz

Diva La Paz is an annual drag show hosted by the Colonia de la Paz staff and Hall Council. It draws over 400 students every year, and seeks to raise awareness about the LGBTQ community. Money is raised for the Tucson LGBTQ center, Wingspan. Be sure to check out the Transgender Awareness passive education room before sitting down for the show!

DivaLaPaz2011- Design

Finding Community Welcome

With close to 40,000 Wildcats at UA, it is often daunting to find your place on campus. Residence Life annually co-sponsors the campus-wide Finding Community Welcome (FCW) during UA's Welcome Week activities. Highlighting different cultural offices and resources available to students on campus, the FCW will introduce students to different communities on campus and how to get involved in them. There is always free food, speakers, student performances, a student club fair, and a raffle!

Finding Community Welcome

Hunger Banquet

For almost 20 years, Residence Life has been hosting an Oxfam Hunger Banquet to raise awareness about hunger and poverty worldwide. Participants are encouraged to fast for 30 hours before the event – the fast is broken at the Hunger Banquet. 30 hours is the average amount of time someone in the US who is food insecure goes between meals. Participants are encouraged to donate the money they would have spent on food during the 30 hours to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and the UA Campus Food Pantry. A few days after the Hunger Banquet, Residence Life staff take students to volunteer with an organizationin Tucson working to combat food insecurity.

Hunger Banquet

Raise Your Voice Photo Shoot

Beginning in spring 2010, Residence Life teamed up with Pride Alliance to host the Raise Your Voice Photo Shoot for the annual Day of Silence. Visit us out on the UA Mall to have your photo taken with a social justice message of your choice!

Stomp It Out

Created by an ACT member in 2011, Stomp It Out is a program series on inclusive language. The series brings people together to explore the impact of hurtful words, the power they have, and how all UA Wildcats can use language that is respectful and welcoming of all identities. Past topics have included discussions on body image, disability, economic class, LGBTQ identities, mental illness, race and ethnicity, and sexism and rape culture.

Stomp it Out

World Traditions Fair

World Traditions Fair is an annual multicultural event hosted by the Kaibab-Huachuca staff and Hall Council. Students have the opportunity to share their culture and heritage with participants through dance, food, music, art, presentations and more!