Eller Emerging Leaders Community in Colonia de la Paz Hall

"Make integrity the compass that guides you."
– Karl Eller, Arizona entrepreneur and College namesake

The Eller College of Management offers first-year Pre-Business students an opportunity to live, learn, and socialize with their peers inside the classroom and in their residence hall community in Colonia de La Paz Residence Hall. Any motivated Eller first-year students can apply to live in the Eller Emerging Leaders Living-Learning Community.

Students who live in the Eller Emerging Leaders Community benefit from the opportunity to share in a common experience with 70 other first-year Pre-Business students. This common experience includes a 1-unit course in the fall semester that all residents will participate in. Students are also encouraged to get involved with the numerous leadership opportunities offered by Eller College of Management as they prepare for future careers in business.

Benefits of the Eller Emerging leaders Wing:

  • Convenient "Quick Advising" in La Paz throughout the year
  • Common classes with other members of the Eller Emerging Leaders Living-Learning Community
  • Professional development and leadership events presented by Eller and Residence Life staff 
  • Team-building activities with Eller students and staff
  • Mentoring with upper-division Eller students
  • Networking opportunities with business faculty, alumni, and professionals

To Apply:

Participants of the Eller Emerging Leaders Living-Learning Community are selected by the Eller College of Management through an application process. If you are an entering Pre-Business first-year student and are interested in being part of the Emerging Leaders Living-Learning Community in La Paz, please follow these steps:

  1. Submit an online housing application
  2. Pay the non-refundable housing application fee
  3. Indicate your interest in living in the Eller Emerging Leaders Community within your online housing application. A separate application for the LLC may be required.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until spaces are full. For more information, please visit the Eller Emerging Leaders Living-Learning Community website.

NOTE: You must have a Residence Life Housing Application on file to be considered for the Eller Emerging Leaders Living-Learning Community.

For more program information, contact:

Aubrey Anglemyer
(520) 621-8044

"The Eller Wing is awesome. This year and last year, the girls on my wing have formed wonderful friendships. It is common for the people on this wing to hang out on the weekends and also study and do homework together. As an RA on this wing, my advice to freshmen is to take advantage of this opportunity if you are pre-business. You will not only have a lot in common with the people on the wing, but share some of the same classes, which is very helpful."
Erica Jansen
Major: Finance
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

There’s no easier way to make friends than to have something in common. Our wing is a like a small community on its own. We get together and bowl, play laser tag, basketball and go out for dinner together. Many of us take the same classes and if I have a problem with homework, I just go next door. I also take advantage of the professional that come to our hall and talk to us. My goal is to one day own my own business. Academically I hope to be on the Dean’s List every semester!"
Neil Harder
Major: Pre-Business
Hometown: Delafield, WI

"Often times we are able to study together because we are enrolled in the same classes. I love that if I have a question with my homework, I can go next door for help. We all help each other out. I have loved my residence hall life experience and I have Eller to thank for that!"
Kate Daniels
Major: Pre-Business
Hometown: Manhattan, KS

Hear from a UA alum about her experience living in the Eller Emerging Leaders LLC in Colonia de la Paz: