Fine Arts Theme Community in Manzanita-Mohave Hall

Imagine a community where all the arts are openly expressed – residents singing, playing musical instruments, rehearsing their lines, or painting canvases. Imagine a community where the residents share an interest in living and learning in an artistically-charged environment, where the creative process is an essential element of their daily lives. You’re invited to join this engaging and thriving theme community at Manzanita-Mohave Hall.

Established in 2002, the Fine Arts theme community has grown from a single wing to two entire floors. It is open to any students with an interest in the arts. The Fine Arts community is a beehive of activity, ranging from mural painting to attending performances on campus and in the community.

Programs and Services

A few resources and services that make the Fine Arts community a great place to live are:

  • A Faculty Fellow from the College of Fine Arts
  • Art display cases to showcase your work
  • Discounted tickets to UA Presents events.
  • Group trips and tickets to School of Music and other campus performances
  • Group study rooms
  • Field trips to off campus activities
  • Tutoring in residence
  • An exercise room

To Apply:

  1. Submit online housing application
  2. Pay the non-refundable application fee
  3. When you receive your invitation to self-assign, select the hall and then the Fine Arts Community (based on availability)

For more information on living in this community email

NOTE: Space is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis, so commit early!

Deadline to apply for the Fine Arts theme community is July 1, every year.

For program information contact:
Justin Lukasewicz at Residence Life
(520) 626-2854