The Arts District (TAD) Living-Learning Community in Manzanita-Mohave Hall

The College of Fine Arts, in partnership with Residence Life, strives to support the successful transition of Fine Arts students at the University of Arizona. By creating a dynamic and collaborative residential environment, The Arts District (TAD) Living-Learning Community will provide a space for the freedom of expression to take to forefront and for students of the arts to optimize growth in leadership, academic success, and networking with artists from diverse backgrounds.

The Arts District Living-Learning Community is a safe and inclusive space in Manzanita-Mohave Hall where fine arts students can both live and learn with other artists who share similar personal and academic interests and goals. This Living-Learning Community serves approximately 30 Honors and non-Honors students pursuing fine arts degrees at The University of Arizona. Students are integrated to University life through study groups, access to studio and rehearsal space, peer mentorship and College-student interaction. The ideal student for this program is a motivated in their discipline, has an interest for artistic leadership, and seeks a greater sense of community through creative diversity. Partners provide pathways for students to meet their academic goals, become acquainted with a broad artist and campus community, while fostering personal and professional development for first-time University students.

Programs and Services

A few resources and services that make The Arts District (TAD) LLC a great place to live are:

    • A Faculty Fellow from the College of Fine Arts who meets with students
    • A Student Mentorship Program with the College of Fine Arts Ambassadors, allowing students to gain experience from upperclassmen in their major
    • A Leadership In The Arts Seminar where student learn to develop their practices professionally and personally
    • Interaction with faculty, current Fine Arts students and young professionals
    • Gallery spaces to showcase your work
    • Tickets (as available) to College of Fine Arts performances
    • Group study rooms
    • UA THINK TANK located in the building

To Apply:

  1. Submit online housing application
  2. Pay the non-refundable housing application fee
  3. Submit Fine Arts application to Fine Arts Major 
    Note: Students must also be admitted to the College of Fine Arts to the Schools of Art, Dance, Music, or Theatre, Film & Television. Program enrollment will include students from each academic division.
    NOTE: Space is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis, so commit early!

For general housing questions email

For program information, contact:

Brittany Churchill
Program Coordinator, Recruitment and Outreach
College of Fine Arts
(520) 621-1301