Getting Involved

Directors of Sustainability/Eco-Reps

Eco-Reps are the voice for sustainability in the dorms.  Surrounded by like minded people, you meet each week to learn more about saving the planet and its people-- why it’s important, and how to do it.  You then take your knowledge and enthusiasm back to your hall and share it with other students. No need to be a sustainability guru, just as long as you’re interested in making a difference, Eco-Reps will give you the tools to make that happen! 

And who could forget the competitions? Be the driving force behind your hall winning the Battle of the Utilities or Recycle Mania, helping to bring glory (and sometimes prizes) to your hall. So, whether you’re an expert or just have a budding interest, join us to learn leadership skills and advocate for sustainability in your home.

Want to learn more?  Talk to your Community Director at move in or contact Jill Ramirez, Coordinator of Sustainability Education at (520) 626-9179 or


Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30pm


Rep Den, Kaibab-Huachuca basement


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