Housing Options

Over 6,600 undergrad students and 300 grad students live on the University of Arizona campus in 23 undergraduate residence halls (aka, “dorms”) and one graduate & professional student apartment complex. These “homes away from home” are located across campus, which means no matter where you live, you are close to campus resources – from academic buildings where you take class, to the Rec Center where you workout, to the Student Union where you grab a bite.

    >Make life-long friends

    >Be part of a community

    >Increase your chance of academic success 


Living in campus housing is a choice, a smart choice (literally!) for incoming first year students. Students living on campus have consistently outperformed their non-dorm counterparts on all academic measures! Consider these facts about our first year hall residents . . .

    >GPAs are 10% higher

    >Freshman to sophomore year retention rates are 8% higher

    >4-year graduation rates are 50% higher


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UA students who live on campus their first year have a 10% higher GPA compared to freshman living off campus

If those numbers don’t convince you of the value of living in campus housing, remember being a college student is about balance. Residence Life creates environments where you can be academically successful and have a life!

UA students who live at least one year on campus have a 60% higher 4 year graduation rate compared to students who never lived on campus
Residence Life provides over 800 leadership opportunities