Internet Connections

Wired Connection

All network devices must be registered with the University in order to obtain access to the network. Users are required to provide their computer’s MAC address when registering.
How to find your MAC Address:


  1. Hold down the Windows key and press R
  2. Type cmd, press Enter key.  A black box should appear
  3. Type ipconfig /all
  4. Write down the value on the “Physical Address” line listed under the heading “Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection"


  1. Click on the Apple in the upper right corner, then choose System Preferences
  2. Click on Network
  3. Choose Ethernet, then choose Advanced
  4. Select the Hardwire tab
  5. Write down the value listed as “MAC Address”

How to Register Your MAC address

  1. Navigate to this web address in your web browser
  2. Click on “Manage Registrations”
  3. Click on “please log in first” and enter your NetID and password
  4. Fill out the form including Name and MAC address
  5. Click “send it”

Once you have submitted your MAC Address, it generally takes up to 90 minutes to process. If your computer is unable to connect to the network after 90 minutes, please contact the 24/7 IT Support Center at

Wireless Connection

Information on wireless internet can be found here. Questions on the University WiFi network should be directed to the 24/7 IT Support Center at 520-626-8324.