Room and Bathroom Types

Room Types

The vast majority of our rooms are double occupancy. We also have a limited number of single, triple and quadruple occupancy rooms. Assignment to a single room costs substantially more than assignment to a shared occupancy room.

Single Occupancy Rooms

There are very few single rooms in our residence halls. Availability tends to be very limited for new students because most single rooms are occupied by returning residents. Rent rates for single rooms are substantially higher than those for shared occupancy rooms - typically 50% more than the rate for double rooms in the same building. The halls with single rooms are listed below along with the number of those rooms available to students.

Double Occupancy Rooms

All of our residence halls have double occupancy rooms (two students assigned to each room). The size of these rooms varies by hall.

Triple Occupancy Rooms

Triples are substantially larger rooms than doubles.

Quadruple Occupancy Rooms

Quadruples are substantially larger rooms than doubles and triples. 

Room/ Bathroom Arrangements


Rooms and bathrooms in most residence halls are arranged in a “traditional” manner where students living on a wing or floor share a community bathroom on that wing/floor. While both men and women live in each of our residence halls, bathroom facilities are single-gender. Students living in traditional residence halls tend to get to know each other faster and better and develop closer-knit communities because they see each other more frequently throughout the day. Community bathrooms are popular because they are always available (no waiting) and they are cleaned on a daily basis, Monday-Friday, by our custodial staff.

“Suite” Style

“Suites” are made up of two individual (and separate) rooms that share a small, adjoining bathroom.  Each room has its own door to the corridor (i.e., you don’t have to go through one room to get to the other). Students are assigned to rooms, not suites.

Private Bathrooms

Each room has its own bathroom.

“Sleeping Porches”

The term “sleeping porch” originally referred to a sleeping room with open sides or windows. They were common features in homes and college dorms before air conditioning became widely available.

Maricopa, a small residence hall available only to women, is the only remaining residence hall at the UA with “sleeping porches.” While the term seems to have survived the years, these rooms in Maricopa are NOT “porches” and they do NOT have open sides or windows.

  • They are air conditioned just like the rest of the building.
  • They are located at the end of each wing in the building and are equipped with 12-15 bunk beds.
  • Each resident has her own bed in a sleeping porch in addition to her assigned room on the wing.
  • Assigned rooms on the wing are equipped with only one “day-bed” which is not intended for regular overnight use.