Arizona-Sonora is located in the Park District near the Park Student Union. It is a nine-story hall with two towers connected by the first floor lobby. Both towers are co-ed with triple occupancy rooms in the Arizona Tower and double occupancy rooms in the Sonora Tower.

NOTE: Refrigerators are no longer provided
Several residence halls have different heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. To read about the system in Arizona-Sonora, click here.
Fun Fact: There is a fun house mirror in the basement of Arizona-Sonora. No one knows how it got there, but its here to stay.

Hall Features

Room Features

  • Room Type: Double/Triple
  • Square Feet: 262(17'6"x15')
  • Bed Size: 80"(extra long)
  • Bunkable: Yes
  • Furniture: Moveable
  • Flooring: Carpet
  • Closet: Built-in

Floor Plan

Double Room

Triple Room

Room Dimensions

Full Hall Video
NOTE: Refrigerators are no longer provided


Community Director

Graduate Community Director

  Connor Kelley

  (520) 621-5878

Alissa Zimmerman

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