Gila's (pronounced Hee-la) residents appreciate the friendly and comfortable atmosphere. This three-story hall has single-gender wings and double rooms with their own in-room sink. It is home to the Engineering Leadership Community.

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Several residence halls have different heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. To read about the system in Gila, click here.
Fun Fact: Due to nearly identical building layouts, Gila Hall holds a long standing rivalry with its neighbor 2 doors down, Yuma Hall.

Hall Features

Room Features

  • Room Type: Double/Single
  • Square Feet: 155(11'6"x13'6")/100(10'x10')
  • Bed Size: 80"(extra long)
  • Bunkable: Yes
  • Furniture: Moveable, except desk
  • Flooring: Carpet
  • Closet: With door
  • Closet Size: 30"x36"
  • Other: Sink in room

Floor Plan

Double Room

Room Dimensions

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Community Director

Graduate Community Director

Tanzida Zaman
(520) 621-7861

Tanzida Zaman

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