Manzanita-Mohave is five stories high with mostly double rooms and community bathrooms. A popular Fine Arts community is located on two of the five floors for students interested or majoring in various fine arts, from music and theater to art and architecture.


Fun Fact: Now co-ed, Manzanita-Mohave Hall used to be treated as 2 separate buildings: one for men and one for women.
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Hall Features

Room Features

  • Room Type: Double
  • Square Feet: 168(12'x14')
  • Bed Size: 80"(extra long)
  • Bunkable: Yes
  • Furniture: Moveable
  • Flooring: Carpet
  • Closet: Built-in
  • Closet Size: 24"x60"

Floor Plan

Double Room

Room Dimensions

Full Hall Video
NOTE: Refrigerators are no longer provided


Community Director

Kim Fassl

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