Villa del Puente


Villa del Puente Hall (VDP) is located in the Highland District and consists of two buildings that are connected at the second and third floors by pedestrian bridges. This co-ed hall features solar panels and an interactive Dashboard that allows residents to monitor the hall’s energy and water usage. VDP is home to 300 students in mostly double rooms with community bathrooms.

Full Hall Video
NOTE: Refrigerators are no longer provided

Several residence halls have different heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. To read about the system in Villa del Puente, click here.
Fun Fact: Villa del Puente Hall has a secret staircase.
Villa del Puente
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Hall Features

Room Features

  • Room Type: Double/Single
  • Square Feet: 176(11'x16')/126(10'6"x12')
  • Bed Size: 80"(extra long)
  • Bunkable: Yes
  • Furniture: Moveable
  • Flooring: Carpet
  • Closet: Built-in
  • Closet Size: 23"x32"

Floor Plan

Double Room

Villa del Puente Room Dimensions

Full Hall Video
NOTE: Refrigerators are no longer provided

Villa del Puente

Community Director

Kim Fassl

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