Desk Manager Job Description

Desk Managers oversee the operations of a residence hall front desk, serving a residence hall community ranging from 64-776 students. Experience as a Desk Assistant, supervision, working with culturally diverse populations, knowledge of Residence Life, or comparable experience is advised background for a Desk Manager. Desk Managers ensure that their staff are providing high quality service while maintaining a safe and professional work environment.

Desk Managers will manage a team of 8-15 Desk Assistants. Duties include: staff selection, training and evaluation, overseeing key and card access accountability, implementing policies and procedures in accordance with Residence Life standards, working closely with hall staff, attending monthly DM meetings, and meeting bi-weekly with Coordinators for Desk and Summer Operations (CD/SOs) who serve as the Desk Managers direct supervisor.

Desk Operations include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Proper scheduling and record keeping of all hours worked by authorized student employees (Desk Assistants, i.e. DAs). Desk Managers will be responsible for submitting time card reports EVERY Thursday and Sunday afternoons and follow any other processes as directed by Residence Life Payroll.
  • On-going training of Desk Assistants in the areas of emergency procedures, hall security, customer service, keys, temporary access cards, ETACC system, mail distribution and regulations, and University policies and procedures.
  • Informing the Coordinator for Desk and Summer Operations of staff performance issues and concerns (e.g. letters of warning, terminations, probations, etc.).
  • Facilitate monthly desk staff meetings.
  • Provide staff development activities on a regular basis to maintain staff camaraderie.
  • The Desk Manager should maintain a presence by working shifts at their desk regularly.

Desk Managers are expected to assist in all aspects of desk operations as issues or concerns arise. This includes covering DA shifts in order to prevent desk closure.