Social Justice Resource Center

The Social Justice Resource Center in Residence Life is committed to creating safe and inclusive settings for all students and staff. The Center’s Mission of fostering social justice through respect, equity and compassion creates a welcoming environment for all identities, as well as, sets the standard for the Center’s training and programmatic efforts. During the course of the year, the Social Justice Resource Center provides challenging trainings to students, staff, and campus partners, institutes programming within the residence halls, and works closely with the six campus Cultural and Resource Centers. By focusing largely on the UA student body, the Center’s team strives to actively find ways to bridge gaps between the residential and commuter communities, in hopes of creating a more holistic campus one day at a time.   

The Social Justice Resource Center and Residence Life acknowledges their presence on Tohono O'odham land. By paying tribute to the 22 Indigenous tribes of the state of Arizona, the Social Justice Resource Center commits itself to honoring and respecting the foundations and traditions of said nations.

Highlights Include:

Social Justice Advocates (SJA)

Social Justice Advocates (SJA) are responsible for instituting monthly programmatic efforts within the residence halls that focus specifically on social justice issues – including the mosaic of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivity. SJA’s hold Social Justice (SJ) Modules once a month for the resident assistants and host dialogues twice a semester within the community to maintain an understanding of the residents’ comfortability while in the halls.

Advocates Coming Together (ACT)

This group is for students passionate about social justice and making change.  ACT’s mission is to: educate students on issues of equity and equality, to have pride in the University of Arizona’s diversity, and to take action to make UA a more inclusive place.  Talk to your RA or Community Director during move-in to learn more and join this exciting organization.

Diva la Paz

Diva la Paz is an annual female illusionist (Drag) show hosted by the Colonia de La Paz staff and hall council. It draws more than 400 students every year and seeks to raise awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. The event also incorporates a Pride Room, which highlights definitions, timelines, and other important information surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.

Finding Community Welcome

This large event takes place during welcome week. Highlighting different cultural offices and resources available on campus, the FCW will introduce you to different communities and how to get involved in them.  Plus, there is always free food, speakers, student performances, a student club fair, and a raffle!  

Hunger Banquet

For over 20 years UA Residence Life has hosted a Hunger Banquet to raise awareness about hunger and food insecurity. Participants are encouraged to fast for 30 hours before the event, which is the average amount of time someone in the UA who is food insecure goes between meals. The fast is broken at the event, where you will learn more about different causes of hunger and how to help combat the problem.  

Open Housing

Residence Life is committed to providing inclusive housing. Open Housing is intended to create a comfortable living environment for transgender and gender non-conforming residents as well as any student who wants to live with someone of a different gender. More information can be found in the Open Housing section of our website. We also offer some all-gender bathrooms in select halls. See hall page descriptions for details.

Social Justice Wing

If you are looking for an LGBTQ friendly roommate or gender inclusive housing, check out the Social Justice Wing in Pima Hall. 

Stomp It Out!

This series brings people together to explore the impact words can have, the power we give them, and how all UA Wildcats can use language that is respectful and welcoming of all identities. Past topics have included discussions on body image, disability, economic class, LGBTQ identities, mental illness, race and ethnicity, sexism and race culture, and immigration.  

World Traditions Fair

This annual multicultural event is hosted by the Kaibab-Huachuca staff and hall council. Learn from other students or share your culture and heritage with others through dance, food, music, art, presentations, and more.  

Sherard Robbins

Assistant Director - Social Justice Education

Lorene Fisher

Graduate Assistant for Social Justice Education