When and how should I apply?

You can apply for campus housing as soon as you are admitted to the University, even before you officially commit. Once you set up your NetID and password, you can complete the online housing application. The application requires you to pay a $150 non-refundable application fee as one of the first steps of the application. Upon completion, you will receive an email confirmation; if you don’t, contact Housing & Residential Life immediately. If you do not have access to a computer, contact Housing & Residential Life at (520) 621-6501. NOTE: Fall applications are for the entire academic year.

When will I receive an assignment?
  • If you apply by May 1 (for the fall), you will be able to pick your dorm and room (based on availability) starting in early summer, based on your application date.
  • If you apply after May 1, you will provide your 5-10 dorm preferences on your housing application and you will be assigned to a dorm by Housing & Residential Life in early-August.

More information is available in our Getting Started section. You may check your application and assignment status at any time in My UAHome

How do I change my dorm assignment?

If you applied by May 1 and have a room, have completed your Undergraduate License Agreement, and paid your Rent Down Payment, you may reassign to a dorm/room (based on availability) in My UAHome by selecting it and submitting it. This process will be open until late July. Those students who applied after May 1 will not be able to reassign themselves. 

What if I need to cancel my housing assignment?

You can cancel your housing application in My UAHome by clicking on ”Cancellation Request.” Alternatively, you may notify Housing & Residential Life in writing (letter, fax, or email). Include your name and University student ID number. If you cancel your housing application before you have been assigned to a room for the fall, the Rent Down Payment, if paid, will be refunded. After you have been assigned to a room, it is not refundableThe $150 housing application fee is not refundable at any time. 

Why did Housing & Residential Life cancel my housing assignment?

If you did not pay your housing application fee, Rent Down Payment or Admissions Enrollment fee and/or complete your License Agreement by the deadline, then your housing assignment was cancelled.

How do I request a roommate?

Students have the option of selecting their own roommate(s) or suitemate(s) or receiving a random roommate. The roommate selection process will open in April, at which time all students will complete a profile as part of their housing application. Read more on the Roommates page.

How do I find a roommate?

We offer a roommate search tools in My UAHome. It helps you to find other students you might be compatible with and allows you to communicate with them within the system. Roommate selections must be mutual.

Do I have to request a roommate?

No. About half our students request a roommate and half opt for a random roommate. It is up to you.

What do I do if I don't get along with my roommate?

At the beginning of the semester, roommates have the opportunity to sit down with their RA and discuss expectations in the room. It is important to fully engage in this conversation and give serious thought to your expectations and clearly communicate them. If issues arise, your RA is your best resource.

Can I change my room once I move in?

A student may request a transfer through My UAHome. As space opens up, Housing & Residential Life Housing Assignment Services staff will pull from this list after all temporary housing students have permanent spaces. (For students who Move-In in August, this is typically available after Labor Day.)

Are the dorms all-gender?

Dorms are all-gender with the exception of one all-female dorm, Maricopa. All dorms have gender-specific rooms and typically gender-specific floors or wings. A few buildings have all-gender wings. Bathrooms are gender-specific, with the exception of Árbol de la Vida, Likins and Posada San Pedro, which have some gender-specific and all-gender bathrooms on each floor or wing. Locations of gender-specific and all-gender bathrooms are subject to change each year. 

Are there different types of rooms to choose from?

Yes. Check out the dorm search filter to learn the different room types that are available in our 23 dorms. We encourage you to apply early if you would like to request a specific room type.

Are single rooms available?

We have a variety of single rooms available in some halls. Check out the dorm search filter to learn which dorms have singles. We encourage you to apply early if you would like to request a single room.

Can I take a virtual tour of the dorms?

Yes, dorm videos and 360◦ photos can be found on each dorm description page. For more videos, check out our YouTube channel or visit https://housing.arizona.edu/dorm-tours.

Are freshman required to live on campus?

Incoming first-year students are not required to live on campus but are encouraged do to so. More than 80% of the students who live on campus are first-year students. Life in a dorm, is more than just a place to sleep and study; it is about making new friends, building relationships, and being part of a caring and diverse community. It is also an opportunity to learn more about yourself, make informed decisions, manage your time effectively, and succeed academically.

Do all freshman live in the same dorms?

We do not have dorms designated to class standings. Each of our 23 undergraduate dorms are intended for all students.

Is summer housing available?

Yes, summer housing is available on campus each summer.

Is winter housing available?

Yes, housing is available during the winter break for students who need to stay in a dorm during that period.

Is housing available on campus during the summer for student workers?
Dorms close at 12PM on Friday at the end of each semester. Are there exceptions to stay longer?

Students who have extenuating circumstances that would make it difficult or impossible to move out by 12p.m. on the last Friday of the semester should consult with their Community Director in advance. 

When is Move-In?

Please visit our Move-In page for specifics.

I need to move in before the dorms officially open, is this possible?

We do offer some early move-in options. Please visit our Move-In page for specifics.

I'm dropping below 12 credits; do I have to move out?

Generally, if this is the first semester you have dropped below 12 credits, you will receive a letter reminding you of our policy of housing full-time students. This letter will also refer you to campus resources that might be helpful such as Academic Advising and the UA THINK TANK. If you are dropping below 12 credits for a second consecutive semester, you will need to meet with your Community Director to review your situation more closely.

How do I get a rental verification or confirmation of my dorm address?

You can print your mailing address room on your Application Status page at the end of the application in MyUAHome. You may also send an email to housing@arizona.edu from your UArizona Catmail and include your Student ID# with your request. We can fill out a Rental Verification form for future, present and/or past residents. Please note it may take a few business days to complete your verification request.