Casa Ollin

The House of Movement & Transformation

Retreat into a welcoming living environment that embraces Latinx identities, histories, and cultures by building strong relationships on campus and in the greater Tucson Community. 

Casa Ollin offers Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) options by providing an inclusive living environment where a student can room with any other student, regardless of sex, gender, gender/identity expression, or sexual orientation. 

Casa Ollin is in partnership with the Adalberto & Ana Guerrero Student Center whose mission is to support students to achieve academic and personal excellence by shaping a safe and inclusive campus environment through culturally affirming programs and events that cultivate a sense of belonging, build community, encourage critical reflection, and develop students’ as learners, leaders, and professionals. Students who are interested in participating in a Latinx culture-focused community that intentionally strives to create an intersectional space to explore Latinx identity are welcome to apply.

Benefits of the Casa Ollin Community

  • Connect with the Adalberto & Ana Guerrero Student Center staff for specialized support, including advising, tutoring, mentoring, and social activities
  • Develop relationships with mentors, fellow class students, staff, faculty, and community members
  • Engage in professional development opportunities to enhance leadership, career and academic skills
  • Engage in activities that intentionally contribute to creating an intersectional space that explores Latinx identities
  • Connect to other Living Learning Communities such as B.L.A.C.K., APIDA Scholars, and O’odham Ki:
  • Located in Yuma

How to Apply

  • Submit a housing application in My UAHome
  • Pay the non-refundable housing application fee
    • A fee deferment may be available under certain circumstances. 
  • The community application process, inside your housing application, opens in January. Space is limited. 
  • Additionally, preference is given to applicants who are able to participate in an early Move-In program.

NOTE: You must have a housing application on file to be considered this community

To be considered for admission into the Casa Ollin Community, you must meet the following-criteria: 

  • Answer all questions on the application. 
  • Have an interest in exploring Latinx identity development as indicated through responses to the questions on the application. 
  • Participating in Casa Ollin Community

The Casa Ollin Community is an engaging living environment. In this community, you will have access to unique resources and programs designed to support your academic journey. As a member of the community, it is expected that you will take advantage of the array of academically enriching activities offered at Casa Ollin – space is limited, so sign up quickly!

Contact Information

For more program information, contact:

Dominique Calza

Director, Adalberto & Ana Guerrero Student Center